Allison Hunt is known for her creative and innovative approaches to research that lead to new, untapped insights. Her charismatic interviewing style engages respondents (aka people) and ensures candor, honesty and a depth of intelligence that translates into smart, productive strategies for HATCH clients. She has over 16 years of interviewing experience, working on more than 450 projects and interviewing over 10,000 people.

Here's what clients say about her:

I have looked at the back of Allison's head through a pane of glass for more hours than any other qualitative researcher in my career.

Glass is a good metaphor for Allison. She is transparent — what you see is what you get. She is also authentic, real, and crystal clear.

Her true magic as a qualitative researcher is in the way she can summarize complex information into simple ideas that are nonetheless deeply insightful and immediately actionable.

This is what's made her my go-to moderator for the past 15 years — well, that plus she will often give me a ride home after groups.

Mauer Chiarello
Managing Partner
vivid connections inc.

In my opinion Allison is one of the very best researchers in the business. I've worked with her numerous times and she has always delivered cracking good insights with an enthusiasm that, if it were a mountain, would be Everest. The only reservation I have in recommending Allison is worrying about (a) my competitors getting the insights she is great at delivering, and (b) others hogging her calendar making it ever more difficult for me to book her. Ok, selfishness aside. If you want to grow your business, get yourself some HATCH.

Sung Kang
Director of Marketing — Specialty Beverages
Mark Anthony Group Inc.

Allison is easy going, has a top notch sense of humour, and is generally a good sort. These, however, are not the reasons you should consider using her for your research needs. In my 20 years of using market research, she is in my top two. (Her peer is in the UK.) She gets the brief, runs great groups, joins the dots in the analysis, and delivers a debrief that informs the business process.

Paul Harrison
Lexus Brand Manager
Lexus Canada

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